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Think you have to bake in the sun all day to get a gorgeous tropical looking tan? Well, think again! Using the power of an airbrush tan, it’s possible to look beautiful and not have to spend a single day in the sun. While some sun does have its benefits, overexposure to the harmful rays can have dangerous side effects for your skin. Getting an airbrush tan is easy, it doesn’t take time out of your busy day and it gives you a golden glow from head to toe.

An airbrush tan can last anywhere from 5-7 days, although some have reported their Glowjob lasting as long as 10 days! If there’s a special event you need to look your best for, an airbrush tan is the way to get that sun-kissed look you crave. Tanning beds tan from the inside out and can have very dangerous side effects. However, using the airbrush method, the golden glow is simply color that is painted onto the body, so there’s no need to worry about any physical damage to your body.

To understand an airbrush tan, you must first understand the process. Consider finger painting. Using fingers to apply paint will give an uneven coloration and can leave streaks. An airbrush provides the salon technician with the ability to spread the color evenly across your body ensuring there are no streaks or dark spots. The best part is, you’re in control of how dark (or light) you want to go. Just want a barley sun-kissed tan, no problem? Want to look like you’ve spent two restful weeks on the beach in St. Barts? Glowjob has a color that is perfect for that too!

Many over-the-counter products try to mimic the color you get from a professional airbrush tan, but no matter how meticulous you try to be, there are just some spots that cannot be reached without the help of a trained technician, resulting in an uneven and unnatural looking tan. Avoid the orange and unnatural look of an uneven tan applied at home with a custom Glowjob airbrush tan.

A few things to remember when having your airbrush tan applied. It’s best to wear little clothing; for women, a bathing suit or bikini is fine, for men shorts will do. Immediately after your airbrush tan session, you should avoid wearing clothes that have wool, nylon or silk in them. Often times, these materials may remove some of the tanning product.

Getting an airbrush for tan is completely safe and with the help of a professional Glowjob technician, it’s possible to have an amazing tan year-round. With an airbrush tan, you don’t have to worry about being exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and damaging your skin. Using this completely safe method, the airbrush tan gently fades away and can be reapplied whenever you want that perfect glow.

Glowjob is the premier airbrush tan in NYC. We use the best products and pay attention to every detail, ensuring your sun-kissed tan looks natural and beautiful. So if want an amazing tan that requires no effort and feels and looks great, then call the airbrush tan NYC professionals and get your Glowjob on!

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On September 26, 2013

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